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July 21, 2012 / kristindagostino

Victoria McIntosh

Victoria McIntosh

Catching up on comments from October wearer:

Well, being an occasional keen pastrycook I instantly recognized the genesis of the ‘boat’ form that encases the ‘eye’.  Must confess it put me off a bit initially. ‘Oh, it looks like an eye like that – do you have to wear it horizontally?’ asked one family member.  But I quiet like it like that.  Its weight mean it’s probably best worn on something substantial – a coat/jacket, rather than a blouse or sweater of any fine material.  It did make substantial holes in a fine cotton shirt.  But then, I was to suggest ‘pins’  at the back be more sturdy but this cannot be – unless kept in jackets etc.  Overall I think it elegant and enjoyed wearing it.  It certainly drew ample compliments.

May 16, 2012 / kristindagostino

Kate Barton

Kate Barton

Latest comment from  Shelley:

For me this brooch harked back to unbundled curiosity and imagination of childhood… don’t play with matches….
The piece as a pleasure to wear. I had great fun with my work colleagues free associating –
– This plump cute structure
– A thatched roof cottage
– A book shelf with books starting to tumble out.
– A ginger bread house
– Noah’s ark
– Moon skirt
– Mouse trap
Very successful piece, inciting enjoyment and loosening up of thought, interaction and conversation,

May 6, 2012 / kristindagostino

Ross Malcolm

Ross Malcolm “Colourpop” 2011


Latest comments from Linda

What a treat to have had the pleasure of wearing this ‘fun’ Ross Malcolm creation this past 4 weeks.  It seemed to suit lots of what I wore and just any occasion…. I loved the way this gorgeous ‘thingy’ rearranged itself, each time I wore it.  It’s self-movement appealed to me & so it did to others – the art students I teach thought it the ‘best-yet’ and were intrigued to learn that it was simply the plastic from shampoo bottles – originally. This brought about intriguing conversations – even ideas for equally creative uses for ‘defunct’ cosmetic plastics!

Many asked :

–          Where did you get this?

–          How does it work?

–          What a neat idea!

–          It reminds me of children’s birthday party food.

A pleasure to wear.  Thank you Ross.


April 25, 2012 / kristindagostino

Cath Dearsley

Cath Dearsley "Shake your tail feather"

Wearer comment from Derrick:

My second Brooch and already I have slipped from ardent wearer to forgetful conformist by omission. On it’s one and only outing this piece did indeed shake it’s tail feather, glitzing up what was otherwise a stifled yawn of an outfit. I apologise to Cath, this sparkly little number deserved greater exposure and would have made more of an impression both on my dinner mates and myself had I not worn it against a black, matt jacket that was discarded to a rack soon after entering the establishment. This is a classy brooch. It’s simple, recognisable shape and bedazzled finish construe a feeling of glitz and glamour. I would happily pin it tot he lapel of a tuxedo jacket or wear it to a wedding. Perhaps it would become the little black dress of my brooch collection?

April 22, 2012 / kristindagostino

Sarah Walker Holt

Nutcracker, 2011

wood, copper, brass, felt

Latest comments from wearer Eloise (March 2012)

I was really looking forward to the challenges of wearing this piece. For those of you who have not seen this one in the round it does not have a traditional brooch back, but in fact has a section of the brooch that unwinds so that the piece can be worn through a button whole on a shirt, cardigan or jacket, basically wherever you find a suitable whole in your clothing (a large weave scarf perhaps). Luckily I had some summer shirts etc so this piece got many outings. This felt like one of the more sculptural pieces that I have worn so far in BOM, probably because of the way it sat you could see boths sides of the brooch. The combination of wood and brass I found very complimentary. This piece got a lot of attention but nothing more than comments about how interesting or great it looked. I have a fondness for wood in jewellery as it seems to be so rarely used, let alone used well – this piece is definitely a success on those fronts. Like others I’m sure, I have great child hood memories associated with wooden objects, whether baking with family (wooden spoons and spatulas), or in the shed making something with my paternal grandfather. We humans do like to reminisce, thanks Sarah!

& Sarah’s response:

Hi Eloise, Thanks for the feed back it’s great to see that you really understand the work and not put off by it’s challenging, unexpected form of attachment. Likewise, one of my inspirations for working with wood is the memory of growing up with a carpenter father who is an old school tradesman from England, it comes naturally to me to utilise it as a material, I love the textures, smell and sculptural nature. I’m pleased you enjoyed it
February 17, 2012 / kristindagostino

Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova

Gesture 2011

Newsprint, mixed media, silver, paint

80 x 75 x 15mm

Latest comment by Shelly Norton (22.9.11):

Light and luscious, a stretched out butter curl. Perhaps the big banana skin thrown landing in the manner of a Max Gimblett roundly painted circle. I really enjoyed wearing this piece – floating on its elegant sparse frame. A colleague commented on the brooch said she enjoyed the colours especially the red and the way it felt unfinished… she had a shirt she loved – superbly tailored with the bottom edge unhemmed – she felt it left room for the person wearing it to make it their own. Room to play, to be yourself is a generous trait is a piece.

February 17, 2012 / kristindagostino

Mia Straka

Mia Straka

PVC tape, silk thread, brass, paint

Latest comment from wearer Eloise Sept/October 2011:

I found this brooch surprisingly easy to ear despite its box like nature.  I did notice it, feel it while wearing it, but it seems to have survived being bumped & brushed.  It was slightly disconcerting to discover the weaving/netting moved.   I always thought I was potentially stretching or re-arranging it.  Most comments I received likened the brooch to a cage, one person thought a washing/clothes basket!  Often got suggesting that something should be inside the case, one or two offers to make something to put inside.  These functional readings of the brooch I found curious.  I assume the weaving/netting appearance lent the piece to these functional interpretations, rather than people seeing it as purely sculptural or decorative – which is more common for brooches.  My only suggestion in terms of construction is possibly a couple of bars joining the front corners top & bottom. (see picture)

As I had a couple of people try and squeeze this piece from the top & bottom & the bars do move a little.  This may of course affect the ability to weave the thread and tape around the structure.